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Please complete and submit the tenant application below on this secure page. All applications are reviewed soon after receipt by the listing broker and sent to the property owner for review. Generally, 2-3 business days are needed to evaluate tenant credentials.

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I hereby give permission for the individuals and business listed above as references to provide financial and credit information to my prospective lessor, his manager and/or his broker. I also hereby authorize the owner and his/her representatives to perform a credit check on myself and/or my company. The representations of fact contained in this application are considered part of the lease and are true and correct. If any information herein contained is discovered to be false or misleading, the lease made on the strength of this application may, at the option of the lessor, be terminated at any time. In addition, the lessor is hereby granted permission to verify all credit/personal information and to obtain any credit reports it deems necessary.

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Within 1 business day you will receive an e-mail from Experian credit agency. Follow its instructions and proceed to the Experian website so that your credit report can be ordered. Once you have completed this step, Experian will forward your credit report to Brockmont. Experian will directly charge you a processing fee.